33 Days to Go!!


We get our new place on June 1st but will not be moving in until the end of June.

We will be running our Moving sale through the whole month of June. Stock is dwindling so get in soon for the best selection .  It is a good time to think about Christmas gifts and what you may be able to get at 30% off.



Stock quantities of Cascade and Berroco yarns are now listed in the   online shop so you can do some pre-shopping if you would like!

Summer is a good time to be making all the smaller items like socks, mittens and hats.  They will not make you hot by lying all over you when you are making them!  Though if like the A/C on a blanket can always make you cozy as you work away on it.


In June we will be painting the new space at 124 Dundas St. W in Whitby with our main painting weekend being June 6th and 7th.  If you would like to help out e-mail me or give me a call at (905)668-8368 .


Little Green House


124 Dundas St. W.









here                                                                                  to                                                 here.

I Should let you know too that our shopmate HedgeHog Stitchery is also having a sale!  If you are a stitcher or know of one make sure to check her  sale out too!

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