Ground Hog Day

groundknitterDepending on which Ground Hog you listen to today it could be 6 more weeks of winter or spring is just around the corner.

I am hoping that Shubenacadie Sam is the rodent that is right since he is predicting early spring.  Wiarton Willie is closer to Whitby so I suppose he more correctly predicts Ontario weather.

What ever the case may be I will not let it affect how much I knit! I hope the same holds true for all of you knitters and crocheters!

Many people think that knitting and crocheting are activities for the colder seasons only.  I disagree!  “Why? ” you may ask.

Let me tell you.

  1. First and foremost I want to wear my woolly items in the winter so it make sense to be making them during the months when I won’t be wearing them.
  2. The light is so much better (and more abundant) so the fine fiddly knitting is easier to see!!  Yummy intricate socks and shawls are perfect to be knit on the dock! Use your knitting for an excuse to sit in the sun with your Mojitos!!   (not too many though if you don’t want to rip your work out later!)
  3. There are so many beautiful summer yarns.  Knit with cotton, linen or bamboo if you can not stand the thought of touching wool.

    Cascade Ultra Pima


    Berroco Modern Cotton


    Berroco Fiora


    Berroco Fuji

  4. Getting a head start on Christmas knitting!
  5. There are always babies on the way and gifts to give!

I myself  have knit socks on the beach, shawls on the porch, sweaters on the dock and Mittens while camping.  Sure items get a bit more dirty while in progress but I always carry my soak-logo (for sale in the shop) and give everything a good wash at the end.


Knit with Berroco Fuji



Knit with Berroco Modern Cotton


Knit with Berroco Fiora


Knit with Cascade Ultra Pima

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