Spring is on its way! (Hopefully)

Kniterary is officially getting ready for spring – to try and trick our minds that it’s not freezing outside.

Eggs, Bunnies, Chicks everywhere!

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The store is starting to bloom with flowers and spring colours and a spring shipment from Borroco is on its way.

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Martina is working on her own design knit with fabulous spring colours and starting to get projects ready for the November 12-14th “Inspiration of the words Green” fibre arts show.

And Rhea has suddenly become a multi-crafter, much to Martina’s delight. One such project is a shoulder shawl knit in Berroco Boboli Lace.












The in colour of season is Marsala according to So come on in and pick-up/order your spring dose of Marsala today!







We hope to see you all in the shop soon, and for now stay warm in your knit winter pieces on this bitterly cold day.

-Rhea Munroe