Useful Ways to Procrastinate

One of the things I do best in the world is Procrastinate.  Yup. I admit it.  Even being a business owner has not lessened this talent.

I have just procrastinated writing by using a small paint brush to clean out under my computer keys. I am so good at it!DSC_0704


Wikipedia defines Procrastination as ” the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones, thus putting off impending tasks to a later time.”

There are many reasons why people procrastinate but I think that my big reason is that I tend to see the Whole Task that is ahead of me. So, say, if I need to clean a room the task becomes a huge multi faceted chore that could take weeks of dedication before the desired outcome is attained.

Side Note: I think this is the reason why many people put off starting seemingly difficult knit/crochet projects. They see the whole convoluted thing instead of seeing the project as a series of individual steps. Learn to break projects down to little steps.

I guess this comes with a desire to be perfect as well, though I hide that trait well.

This is turning into a self confessional.  Another wonderful procrastinatory tool. Making up words is another tool I use too. It gets laughs and diverts attention.

Now that I have a phone I will often pick it up just to check it. Oh, and then play a game…or two.

Top 5 ways to avoid writing a Blog Post

  1. Clean the dust from around your computer keys with a small paintbrush.
  2. Take a picture of above activity to send to self.
  3. Confess inadequacies.
  4. Make up words.
  5. Check phone

Knitting (crocheting) and Procrastination.

There is a phenomenon that knitters (crocheters) call Start-itis.  This is a most assuredly a method of procrastination.  Working on a sweater that is in it’s boring run of stocking stitch or single crochets? How can one go on?  It is so mind numbing. Blah.groundknitter

Look! Sock yarn I have just purchased!  I must cast on! I will just do the cuff! Let me try the design!….and so on….Start-itis langsupsoxmain

Oh my! Look at all the new projects on Ravelry! I must make a list of all the things I want to do! I must add them to my favorites! Procrastination!

Then I will start thinking of all the yarn I own and start pulling skeins out to play. Combining colors and textures. Imagining what I could do with said yarn.

One of my favorites is the need to ooh and aah over a project after each and every row.  Look at how beautifully the pattern is coming out or how the colours are blending.  Feel how soft/crunchy/firm/drapey….the fabric is.  Many an hour to be wasted in this I promise.DSC_0687~2

Lastly, another method of procrastinating is to pull out an older project that you have procrastinated in finishing and get a it bit closer to the end or maybe actually finishing it!

It is interesting to note that all methods of procrastinating knitting/crocheting do not involve doing something that  is not knitting or crocheting related. Why would you?

Top 5 Ways of Procrastinating Knitting or Crocheting

  1. Start a new project
  2. Favorite projects on Ravelry
  3. Play with yarn
  4. Look at and feel every row intently after each row is done.
  5. Find another UFO and decide it is time to finish it.

Knitting/ Crocheting as a Tool of procrastination

Need I say more? 

  1. One more stitch
  2. One more row
  3. At the end of this pattern repeat
  4. Just let me finish the sleeve.
  5. I have a deadline

These and many other reasons can be given to delay any duty!

Use them well and use them often!

Procrastinate well my friends!


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